Background: The Sistema Educativo Justo Sierra began with the establishment of an elementary school by Prof. Jose Reyes Oliva in 1964. The school was created in order to meet with the educational demands of a growing middle class. A secondary school was opened for students to continue with their education in 1984 and subsequently the University in 1990. The Medical School was opened in 1996. The schools are named after Justo Sierra, the first Minister of Public Education in Mexico.

Mission: To be an educational institution founded on the principals of Good, Truth and Justice; dedicated to the advancement of our community. Contributing to the formation of individuals with humanistic values, builders of knowledge, inquisitive, creative and thinkers; prepared to undertake the responsibilities with family, society and country.

To be a leading educational institution in Mexico and in Latin America offering quality programs and true to our humanist philosophy.

Educational Levels: Pre-school, Elementary, Secondary, High School, Vocational High School, University, Medical School.


Avenida Jardin: Pre school, Elementary.

Acueducto: Secondary, High School, University.

Aragón: Secondary, High School.

Jacarandas: Secondary.

Insurgentes: High School.

Azahares: High School.

San Mateo: High School, University.

Cipres: Vocational High School.

Ticoman: University (Medical School).

Cien Metros: University.

School of Engineering and Information Technology: University.

Accreditation: All programs from Preschool to University are incorporated by the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP). SEJS is a member of the Federation of Private Educational Institutions of Mexico (FIMPES) since 2006. Other programs are also accredited by professional organizations.

The Medical School is only one of a select group of private institutions approved by SEP to offer a MD program.

Class rooms are equipped with Multi-media. Campuses are equipped with gymnasiums, cafeteria, library, computer labs; indoor swimming pools ; auditoriums, convention Center; Radio Station; Multi media Centre. Campus San Mateo has Beach Volleyball and tennis courts.

Cultural Activities: Choir, Band, Theatre, Dance.

Sports Teams: Swimming, football soccer, basket ball, track and field.

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